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Frequently Asked Questions for Family Sessions


What should we wear?      This seems to be the number one thing that stresses out clients.  Most importantly, you should dress comfortably in clothing that fits your personality.  Pick a color scheme that works for you and your family.  Choose 3 colors that are not too distracting and are flattering to everyone that's going to be photographed.  Try to avoid strong patterns.  Its also never good to be matchy-matchy. Everyone seems to blend together if you're all wearing the same thing!

Think about where your portraits are going to be hung in your home.  What blends well with your décor? How do you plan on displaying your portraits?  If you plan on making a 16x20 canvas print of your kids and hanging it in your living room, make sure they are wearing something that blends with your color scheme. 

Can we bring our pet to the portrait session to be photographed?    Of course! Pets are also part of the family.  I recommend bringing plenty of treats or some form of bribery to keep their attention. (As it turns out, this also works with the kids!)

Can I post them on social media?  I love it when clients post my work on social media.  That means that they are happy with their photos!  I just ask that if you put them online, that you credit me and refrain from adding any "filters".  Please help me continue to grow my business!


What happens if it rains the day of our shoot?     We live in New England, anything can happen!  I make sure that I have a few backup dates open each month in case of bad weather.  The weather can be unpredictable here and can change without much notice, so I typically wait for the morning of the appointment before rescheduling. 



What if my kids don't cooperate?      Every kiddo is different. Some are shy or just wait for that moment that you expect them to be on their best behavior to do something unpredictable!  I am incredibly patient. (I should be. I'm raising 2 boys of my own!)  I take the time to make your child feel comfortable in front of the camera.  I find that not pressuring them and letting them take the lead translates into happy kids.  No session is 100% perfect. I've learned to keep shooting through these moments.  These can often be some great candid shots that you will absolutely love!  My goal as a photopgrapher is to capture their personalities, including these moments!

The most important piece of advice that I can offer is relax and have fun.  Let me take care of the rest!